Advance Healthcare Directive and Values

How can I input in my Advance Healthcare Directive what matters most to me, so my agent and loved ones can make decisions that align with those values?

Good question. The most important considerations to share with healthcare providers, your agent, and loved ones are your goals and values. For example, you may ask yourself:

What does quality of life mean to me? 

You can input this type of information using FreeWill’s platform under the Values section of the Advance Healthcare Directive intake flow.

There are prompts on this page relating to the subject to help guide your decision-making:

  • What matters most to me is . . .
  • If I were having a good day, I would be doing the following . . .
  • (If you input that religion/spirituality is important to you) What should your doctors know about your religious or spiritual beliefs . . .

How should I write out my answers?

It is important to write out your wishes in full and complete sentences. That way there is no confusion for the reader.

What if I’m not ready to answer these questions in the document and/or if my agent and loved ones already know what matters most to me?

Remember that all questions are optional. If you’d prefer not to answer all or any part of the Values section, simply click on “No Thanks” in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. However, even if you think that your agent and loved ones already know your values, it can be helpful to include this information in the document so that it can easily be recalled and acted upon during difficult times. 

Disclaimer: FreeWill is not a law firm, and does not provide legal advice. While FreeWill strives to ensure that its automated services are complete, they are meant purely as self-help forms. The materials and services are not substitutes for the advice of an attorney.

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