Pour-Over Wills

What is a Pour-Over Will?

A “Pour-Over” Will is a simple will document where the will-maker states that the property they own at the time of their death will be distributed (or “poured-over”) to their revocable living trust.

Why should I create a Pour-Over Will?

To take full advantage of your revocable living trust, you need to transfer your assets and property to the trust during your lifetime. 

However, if you miss an asset or don’t fully fund your trust during your lifetime, a Pour-Over Will is a great way to have your trust terms control what happens to the property you own at the time of your death.

How can I create a Pour-Over Will on FreeWill’s platform?

When you use the FreeWill platform to create your revocable living trust, you’ll be asked certain questions that relate to the Pour-Over Will that will be generated alongside your revocable living trust. 

For example, you’ll be asked to name an executor of your Pour-Over Will and, if you have minor children, a Guardian for your children. 

How can I learn more about Pour-Over Wills?

To learn more, check out this FreeWill blog article!

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