How to use FreeWill to notify the nominees of your will

Should I notify my nominees of my Will?

It is essential that you let the people that you've nominated know what their responsibilities will be. That way, they can be prepared to assume their responsibilities when the time comes. 

How do I notify my nominees?

FreeWill makes it simple to notify your nominees of your Will.  

  1. From the Review page of the Last Will & Testament intake form, scroll down to the caption “Notify nominees” and click on “Enter nominee emails."

  2. You will see a list of your nominees' names and roles. You can then enter an email address for each person you wish to notify. For each person whose email you provide, we’ll send them information summarizing the duties their nominated role entails. 

For your convenience, we also include a copy of the resources for your nominees at the bottom of the “Notify your nominees” page for your own records.

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