How To Make A Pet Trust Using FreeWill’s RLT Tool

How can I provide for my pets in my living trust?

FreeWill trust creators who are pet owners have the option of using their living trust to establish a “pet trust” for the care of their pets. If you answer “Yes” to the question below, you’ll be prompted to enter a name & description (e.g., Felix the black cat) and species for each pet, choose someone to take care of your pets and to provide funds needed to cover the costs of such care.

Are there other ways to provide for the care of my pets after I’ve passed away besides establishing a “pet trust”?

Yes! For example, you could also use your estate plan to make a gift of your pet to a trusted friend. To avoid conflicting directions and confusion, you may want only to select one of the various available options. 

Can I compensate my Pet Caretaker?

Sure. Some grantors choose to compensate their Pet Caretaker as a way of thanking them for their service. Others choose not to because the caretaker is very close with the grantor’s pets anyway or because other gifts have been left to the caretaker. If you answer “Yes” to the question below, your Successor Trustee will exercise their discretion in determining what compensation would be "reasonable." Among other things, your Successor Trustee may consider 

  1. How many animals your Pet Caretaker is responsible for
  2. The type and amount of work your Pet Caretaker has done to care for your pets
  3. The amount of money you left in trust for the care of your pets

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