Stock Donations

Donating stock doesn't have to be complicated! Understanding the benefits of stock giving is important, and FreeWill's stock tool can help you learn about one of the most attractive ways to support the causes you love.

What are the benefits of donating stock to charity?

Avoid capital gains tax

Gifting stock avoids federal capital gains tax and most donors can also claim an income tax deduction for the stock’s full market value (state & local income tax deductions may also be available in some areas).

Make a bigger impact

When you give appreciated stocks directly to charity, your gift can be up to 20% larger because you avoid the taxes you’d incur from selling and donating the cash. This means more money going to the work that you support.

It’s quick & easy

Whether you want to do it yourself or get help from your financial advisor, donating stock takes as little as ten minutes with FreeWill’s online tool.

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